Fluffy white clouds scurry past the window, I watch, wishing I could fly like a bird. The sky is a clean Cornish blue, Not a blemish or any other hue. A layer of clouds lie below while more surround us. The world waits far below, All calm and silent. No strife nor men's vices Can be seen… Continue reading Flying

Seeing the world through my new lens

It's finally here! Or more like I'm finally here. I had mentioned in an earlier post that we are getting a new camera. The camera reached home (Mumbai) before I did. I had to come all the way from the little town to Mumbai but I'm here with hubby now and so is our new… Continue reading Seeing the world through my new lens


Today something small happened that made me happy in a big way.A photo I took was used by a facebook page that promotes the city where my parents live. I know that in this day and age a "share" doesn't mean that much. People share photos everyday. But to know that people like a photo… Continue reading Happy