The Second Attempt

Due to certain turn of events back in 2013 I was forced to take a hiatus from blogging. I was just an amateur but I enjoyed writing.The above-mentioned turn of events included me having to shift to a new place (a small town in the middle of nowhere) after successfully finding a job. I missed being a blogger and reading blogs especially since my new place of residence lacked simple pleasures of existence such as a television, a good cafe or fast internet( It took 10 minutes to load a page).  My books kept me sane and helped me get through it.

Since 2013 my life has changed considerably. I have done a good job at my job and I have embarked on the adventure called marriage and moved again (this time to a city). Now that all that business of being a grown up is taken care of and since I have returned to the world of fast network connections I have decided to try my hand again at blogging.

I intend to unleash my mind on this blog as I did before on the other one and I prefer to not stick to one category or genre.My plans are to post at least once a week to get back to the rhythm of writing. I hope you like what you see on my page.

– S.M.

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