Daily Prompt: Stubborn

I have yet to get back to rhythm of writing and have decided to use Daily Post for that.

First memory that this word brings is of a cat that I had. A hyperactive foodie of a cat. He showed his stubbornness from the start to the end.

I wasn’t looking for a pet and had no intention of finding one either but one morning I saw this kitten playing in front of house. He was jumping around in the grass and came up to the front steps when he saw me. I gave him some milk and stroked him on the head and went back in. I didn’t see him for the rest of the day so I figured he had gone back to wherever he came from. Night came and there he 40590_142006072495947_357170_nwas coming in through the window. I put him back outside and closed the window. Five minutes later he was back in the house through another window. I tried couple more times but he just wouldn’t leave. He had decided that my house was his from that day on and I found myself with this fireball of a kitten who wouldn’t spent one minute idle if he was awake. Like all kittens he slept a lot too but made up for all the time he slept by being hyper whenever he was awake.

He preferred to sleep on my bed at night but during the day he had this habit of sleeping in front of the refrigerator. Didn’t matter how many times he was moved from there, he would be back in front of it. There was only one reason for that. He wanted to know what was being taken out of the refrigerator. In his mind, all sorts of meat and cheese were his so what better way to keep an eye on it than making sure we can’t open the refrigerator.

Me and my parents ended up falling in love with this crazy cat and gave in to his stubbornness more often than not.At just two years old he fell ill one day all of a sudden. We tried medicines and injections but nothing worked. The doctor said he wont survive more than three days but the little guy did not give up that easily. He did his best and actually did get a little better. The doctor was surprised but said he wasn’t out of the woods yet. Sadly he lost his fight. Within the little time he spent with us he gave a lifetime memory of having a crazy,fun loving stubborn yet sweet friend.


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