Towns and Metros – A comparison of the people.

They say that it’s the people that make the place. My thoughts on that expression explained with help of my experience.As I had mentioned in a previous post I had to move to a small town for my job. When I say small I mean “small!!”. A few kilometer radius packed with residential areas, office buildings and markets before the town gave way to fields which then turned to forests. The people there were from all over. The government set up a mining industry which brought people from all over the country and then most never left. They started businesses and the place became a town. It is like a sample space for the whole of India. The actual residents of the place are tribals. Most of them still dress like their ancestors did and carry on their tradition but the newer generations seem to prefer new age life style.

From that small town I moved to a metro. To Mumbai,a bustling city where everyone is always in a hurry to get somewhere. People here are again a mix but entirely different in their character from that of the small town.

In the town people are laid back. Everything gets done but just in a pace that is much slower than in the city. The most marked difference I felt is that that people in the small place are friendlier. People help out and neighbours say hello. If you go to a shop they treat you as a customer. Mumbai? you go to shop and the shopkeeper’s behaviour would make you think that you are being a noisy pest.At first I thought it was just one shopkeeper so naturally I found a new shop but same expression there too. One old lady in my apartment building confirmed my theory on the city people. This lady lives in my building and sits on the steps every morning  to get some fresh air and I would smile and say hello everytime I saw her. After about a month she asked me where I am from and that she new on the first day itself that I came from some other place due to the simple fact that i stopped to smile and say hello to her.She commented that ” here everyone is so busy they hardly smile”. Thats a bit sad isnt it? Will a few years here make me turn into a too-busy-to-smile women? Hopefully it wont.  Oh and I found a department store were I dont have to deal with a shopkeeper so things are bright on that end too. 


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