Keep Trying

Today was just not good. I love my job but I am disappointed with my company. After putting in a lot of hard work I expected at least a little help and appreciation in return ,but instead they put me between a rock and a hard place. 

It started a while back when they ( the ones at the top) quoted back lines from a rule book when I asked to be transferred to another city so that I could live with my husband. What disappointed me is when I came to know that they have turned a blind eye on the same rules for other people. Why them and not me.Further the people who should help a.k.a. The employee union,have only one line to say ” This is the way things are”. The company had even received a government order two years back regarding changes to be made in transfer policies for women employees. They chose to do nothing about it leaving people like me helpless. I could leave this job and find a new one but getting another job in the same industry isnt easy nor will it help to waste the time I have put in in this company and I really dont want to leave because only the people at the top are bad, its really nice work atmosphere in lower levels.So for the past year I have been travelling back and forth.All I want is to be able to live with the man I love and at the same time have a career I love, thats not much, is it?

I have been gathering information to help my case but it has been hard. After many days of trying and not getting anywhere I just got sort of fed up today. 

I went over everything in my head and decided that the problems aren’t that big and there should definitely be some solution.Right now I feel a little hopeful. I don’t want to moan about my problems and make them the focus of my life.I have decided to keep trying a bit more before I give up and that is only if I have to.

I really appreciate comments a fellow blogger made on my previous post. I do have to believe things will get better.

This post too helped change my mood – The Little Maybe… 


2 thoughts on “Keep Trying

  1. I’m sorry to hear that, try not to give up. Timing is important and maybe they value you there that much they don’t want to let you go. I’m only speculating. The important thing is keep looking for a solution. I truly hope you can be with your loved one, all the best.

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