My Way Home

A short post today. Tired after the eight hours on the bus.That being the only way I can come home to be with parents from the small town where I work. Poor hubby has to spend two more weeks before I get back to him and our apartment in the city.

The bus drive was mostly uneventful. There was the usual madness that I have seen almost every time I take the bus. People loose stuff or forget them and only remember about it just after they get off the bus. Then they get back in and search for it while we, the passengers on the bus, get to hear the conductor’s choicest curses for making his trip late in his rural accented Hindi.

The part of the trip that I really enjoy is the view. Now that the rains have set in, the next seasons crops have grown turning the fields green and the rivers are full.  Then there are the monkeys and the langurs that sit and watch as the vehicles make their way through hair pin turns in the ghat.The bus passes through a valley exactly before sunset and the view is absolutely spectacular.

These photos were taken during last years monsoon and it looks the same this year too.

Green fields
Bus ride
Fields of Bastar



7 thoughts on “My Way Home

  1. “Home is not where you come from. It’s what you make it.” -Pan
    But, Yeas! It’s always heartwarming to be where you used to be.
    Lovely clicks!
    Thanks for the stopping by my blog and the like. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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