Same Old

After a relaxing Saturday with mom and dad , a fun filled Sunday & Monday with friends its same old work from today. Life is again files and more files, settling claims and calling clients for 10 more days only after which will I get to go back to be with hubby for a while.

Over the weekend I discovered a good place to go in the town where my parents live. Its called Energy Park because it was supposed to have buildings where people can learn about energy – its kinds, how its produced,etc,etc but that part of the park doesn’t function at all anymore. The ‘Park’ part is functional and very good. It is a good place to go if you want to forget the city. Its far from the main roads and spread out over quite a large area and has lots of trees and lawns. A good place to go in a city that is known mainly for its high pollution levels.

Here are a few photos of the park.


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