Daily Post – Moon

​Today’s prompt brings back a memory of time spent with my parents back in high school. The residential area we lived in had electric connections that were outdated and poorly maintained. Come summer, the load as the air conditioners and coolers turned on led to power outages. This usually happened after 10PM. It was irritating at first but later people stopped minding it as long as it got repaired by midnight. The reason was that, as there was no power everyone would come out of there homes. The time they would have spend in front of the Tv was instead replaced with time spend with kids, meeting neighbours and walks. It became almost a daily routine for all of us. 

One of those nights there was a full moon. That night me and my parents camped out on the terrace under the full moon. As there was no artificial lights to interpret we could see stars. Not just one or two but thousands. A rare moment in a city. I even got to see  a closer  and clearer shot of the moon that night thanks to dad’s army surplus binoculars. We ate chocolates and slept in the moonlight. Something that we never would have got to do had the power lines been good. 

By the end of summer the power lines were replaced and connections updated. The power was once again uninterrupted. People went back to watching Tv. The small interval from the world run on electricity was over. It has been 9 yrs but the memory is still fresh and clear in my mind – the night we spent under the moon and stars.


Daily Post

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