Good-byes and Lessons

Yesterday a colleague of mine left our Branch office. A bitter sweet moment for most of us. Yesterday was also a lesson to learn about appreances and ego and fake people. 

The guy had spent the 3.5 years here. Its not much but that is the time span of most employees in a government job at one place. My dad works for a bank run by government so I am used to the periodic-nomad life. Every three years we pack our stuff and move to a new place.

We organised a little farewell party for the guy. There are only ten of us in this branch so it wasn’t anythng big. We expected everyone to be present though.Thats were the lesson part comes in. Two of the staff left early and did not even say good bye to the guy. For the first time we saw how fake they were. They were the ones who acted nice and walked around giving words of wisdom. Emphasis on acted. They were the ones who made this guy do overtime to help finish their work and then they treat him like a nobody when it is all over.All of us took their act and believed that it was true.

Made me think of appearances. Its not the first time I have seen or dealt with fake people but it got me thinking about how people act nice just to put up an appearance. The scary fact is society would accept people even if they are only acting. People will put up with a bad guy who acts good.Doesn’t it matter that a person is bad even if he or she acts like the perfect human being? Shouldn’t we put a stop to the acts put on or should we just turn a blind eye? 

Another reason why this issue got me thinking is beacuse people here are gearing up for an election. The candidates have already started issuing visons for future and promises and people have already started splitting into groups to support the one they beleive in. Time after time it has been proven that they are mostly acting or reading from a script prepared by PR people and that may be 1% of what they promise actually gets done but people still stand behind and support just because of faith they have on an appearance, a facade.  Can’t we as a group stand up to bring down the fake ones instead of just following blind faith?  I believe that people have more strength than any politician or political party and there are good people out there who if given a chance can actually do good and be good. All we need is to channel that strength to bring about the changes and not depend on promises.


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