Seeing the world through my new lens

It’s finally here! Or more like I’m finally here. I had mentioned in an earlier post that we are getting a new camera. The camera reached home (Mumbai) before I did. I had to come all the way from the little town to Mumbai but I’m here with hubby now and so is our new camera. Yay!


Now I have to master all the adjustments and settings. Not something I am good at but I do like taking photos so got to learn. First few photos turned out okay but I gotta learn to focus better and get the light right and all. I guess I got used to just using the digital viewfinder so when I took these by using the eyepiece viewfinder things were a little bit off. Well, it’s a start.


I needed subjects to try my new camera on and these little friends of mine paid a visit at the correct time. This little house sparrow family have been visiting me daily.  It started out with just mom and dad birds but now the family has grown and they bring two of their friends over too.

They look all small and cute. Just look at the first photo of the little guy. It was raining so he sat there looking like a fur ball. I guess feather ball is more appropriate, cute anyway.  But looks can be so deceiving , these guys are mean and are definitely against sharing. It’s just cute chirping noises as long it’s them and their two friends but if someone new tries to sneak in all hell breaks loose. They make such a racket and fight tooth and nail. I have seen these guys bite down on the other bird’s feathers and keep them from flying off while another on his team would give a few pecks to teach the encroacher to not sneak in again. It’s good they are small or we humans would have been in trouble.

The little guy


Mom and dad


Whole family

I wanted to share an audio of these guys but apparently my “Free plan” does not permit it. Click here to get an idea. Just imagine five birds doing that all at the same time instead of one and that’s how it sounds in my home.

Mom and dad sparrows turned it into quite a photo shoot and gave some good poses.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you liked the photos. Have a good day.


7 thoughts on “Seeing the world through my new lens

  1. Oh, I just love it! Such a great job with the camera 🙂 You’ll have it figured out in no time, I’m sure. We have a European Starling that we rescued that lives with us, We’ve been rescuing wild birds for years but always release them after they’re at a certain age, but Sam just decided to stay 🙂 He’s in several of my blogs, lol. I love his songs although he can get REALLY loud sometimes 🙂 Can’t wait to see more pictures!

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    1. I have been sitting and learning from the manual all day.😃
      I remember reading about Sam in your blog. The sparrows just showed up one day so I gave some rice grains and they turned it into a daily routine. They can get pretty loud too but it feels good to have them around.

      Liked by 1 person

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