New routine for a new month

August is all done and dusted. I had no idea I would be blogging again when it started. My cousin  started blogging and I created an ID to read that blog and what do you know, I too started writing. So thanks to him for that.calendar

I have got 50+ followers and 300+ views in a month and that has got me stoked. I did not expect anything close to that. Thanks to everyone for reading and the likes and comments. I really appreciate it.

This month I have to change my routine a bit. Last month I was in the little town so work was the major part of my day. Now I am with hubby so no work. Just a house to be taken care of, though that doesn’t mean any less work either.

I applied for an exam on a whim but now that I have, I  have to prepare for it. So studies are part of the new routine.I woke up fresh and happy today even though I have a nasty cold which has been making me feel like my nose is stuffed with wool.It should clear up in a day or two.

Blogging will now be shifted to afternoon because when I start I get so wrapped up in it that it is always a good hour or two before I stop. So first studies then blogging. I started reading a new book, ‘ Thanks for the memories ‘ by Cecelia Ahern.It seems okay so far. So that is another part of the routine.Well I have lots to do to make up for the spare time that not having ‘a job to go to’ created.  My mom and dad will be visiting me and hubby this month for a few days. Really looking forward to that.

I am starting this month with a smile and got hopes that the full month will turn out good. Hope yours does too.



3 thoughts on “New routine for a new month

    1. True. I love blogging more than the rest but if I put it first on the routine I would not get around to the rest as planned. I finish the rest of the stuff first after that am free to spend all the rest of the time I have on blogging. 🙂

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