Make way for development

Are we developing  if we are destroying? A random thought that I debated upon for quite a while during my last bus ride.

I have mentioned numerous times by now that I am posted in a small town for my job. This town is in the middle of a forest area and the highway that connects the town to rest of the world cuts right through it. The government has decided that the road is to be widened.The roads are getting repaired and they are turning it into a four lane highway. Yes, it would make the trip smoother. There will be a decrease in the regular traffic blocks. But just to bring this one difference thousands of trees have already fallen. All those trees that provided shade during the 50°c summer travels are gone. A whole stretch of road that was locally called “Aam Road”(translation : Road of Mango trees) has only a few mango trees left.

So much is destroyed in the name of development. We take over land to build towns and then put up industries that damage the water systems. We build roads to connect the towns and animals that roamed the woods become road kill.

I know that this isn’t large on the scale of destruction considering all the deforestation that is going on elsewhere; but it was a sad sight to see all these huge tree trunks just lying there. And as this blog is where I get to voice my thoughts I am going to write about it even if it is, comparatively, a small issue.All those years these trees stood there and all that is taken away in a day when somebody signs a paper authorizing destruction for development’s sake.

Villagers do not seem to mind though. It has given an opportunity for hundreds of them to make some money. Cutting all these trees requires woodcutters and then there is all that wood to dispose of. Seeing that most villages in the area still use wood stoves nothing is going get wasted. So should this be seen as good thing ?Thousands of trees in a forest of millions are being cut down.Is that bad or something that wont make a difference? Even after all the debate I had (with myself) I am confused on where I stand.


So what is the solution? Is there even one? They could plant trees to make up for the ones they are cutting down,but are they going to do it?Development is needed for growth of a society but what about the footprint we leave on the environment? Do share your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Make way for development

  1. Completely vibe with the different thoughts in your mind. I too hate the thought of trees being cut, especially when they serve so many vital purposes. In my limited experience, villagers are unaware of the many benefits of the environment they live in because they don’t have the conveniences of a city.

    It is a complex issue, and has so many different perspectives. I am only thankful that I am not so opinionated or bigoted to be able to appreciate just one. Maybe you can draw comfort from that thought too.

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    1. It is true about the villagers. Earlier they used to make money selling mangoes when the season sets in, now they are making money by helping to cut trees down and selling the wood. They are just using an opportunity presented to them in their limited sphere.
      Its a good way to think of many opnions being there to be considered.


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