Rebecca Black Comeback?

I think it’s time to add one more category to the blog – MUSIC.

For my first post let’s talk about Rebecca Black. You might remember that name. If you don’t then let me refresh your memories. She is the singer from the music video Friday that went viral back in 2011 but not because it was good. Do you remember the video yet or that song?  She did release other songs apparently but it did not garner that much notice as her first.

Why am I talking about her? Well, she is back with a new video called “The Great Divide”. This one happily enough is quite good. I really like the background music, the video is shot beautifully, her voice is definitely much better in this song compared to her first and she looks good too. All in all, I like it.


Like she said in her message that went along with her video it took her long enough, but the result definitely looks good.

So, is this going to be her comeback to fame? I think it could be and this time the fame would be the good kind too.

All the best Ms. Rebecca Black and good work!!


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