Something new For the birds

Over the weekend I decided that it is better to make new arrangements for feeding the birds. Till now the grains were left out on the ledge for them. DSC_0108After seeing the mess they make, a change is called for. They are small but they poop a lot!!After searching the house for suitable items for a new bird feeder I found a tray that fits perfectly between the bars.

It’s good that I don’t have to tell the birds that the tray is the one in which store-bought chicken comes in or they would probably declare me the enemy against all bird kind or something. Anyway the new arrangement is working out perfectly and they seem to like it.


It seems to be attracting other visitors as well. I got the photo of the crow but the other visitor , a Bulbul, flew away before I could get the camera or my mobile. My balcony is turning into a bird rest stop. More subjects for my photos so I’m happy .




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