Twinkle in my eyes

“A twinkle in your eyes”. An expression we have heard a lot. I know it means happiness revealed by your eyes but I don’t exactly understand how that expression came into existence. Have you seen eyes twinkling?? Cats eyes, yes but in humans that would look creepy. Cue all the horror movies with people with creepy eyes. tumblr_npr1ppgwaa1u8rtwro2_500

I took to the ever helpful google to find out why we say that. Obviously I have nothing else to do right now. So, the answers google gave all range between eyes getting a coat of tears, pupil dilation, to it just being a metaphor. I did not find any story behind it. Sad.

Anyway, talking about things that bring a twinkle to my eyes, the list would probably go like this;

  1. My hubby
  2. Spending time with my parents
  3. Chocolate!!!
  4. Books
  5. Cats

That is the top five!

Talking about  eyes. Eyes reveal a lot about the person and their mind.Reminds me of a little girl I saw on the bus once.The little girl was travelling with her mother. There was another kid about her age as well on the bus. Not related to her but travelling  at the same time. The difference I saw between them is the way they saw the world.The other kid was just staring outside not seeing anything while the little girl was watching the landscape. You have seen what my bus route looks like, if you haven’t  then click here. There is only the landscape to look at and I love it but I have seen people look bored and heard from a lot of people that they find it boring, that there is nothing to see. So not true!

On that day there were a lot of clouds.I love the way the sun goes behind the clouds and gives it a silver lining at the same time the rays that are unobstructed fall on the earth and you cans see it as lines of light. I was watching this going on outside and I turned around to see the little girl looking at the same thing. I knew she was watching it and she too was enjoying the view. She was looking at things that gave the world beauty. She was so small but she already knew to find the beauty in this world. The other girl was still just standing there watching nothing in particular. At that point the thought that crossed my mind is the little girl would make it in this world because she knows how to find beauty where others don’t see anything. That I think is the best way to live life. To look at the beauty and to find it even if it seems impossible.

That is all for today’s post. Go out there and find beauty in the world.


Daily Prompt – Twinkle

(Photo obtained from Google Images)

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