A Small Vacation Without Going Anywhere

It’s been six days since I posted anything. Posts from fellow bloggers have piled up, waiting to be read. I just took a small vacation. Actually it was my parents who were on vacation and came over to our place. I was right here but took a break from usual stuff to enjoy the time with my family.

Over the last six days I got to meet some family members whom I had not met before, my mom got to meet her school friend after 35 years, my dad got to meet his college buddy, we went on a trip to a National Park because that was a place my parents haven’t seen yet in Mumbai (they have already seen most of the other tourist places in Mumbai ), we spent almost a whole day watching movies together as it was Onam and they put new movies on the TV and finished an assortment of chocolates and sweets. In short, we all a had a very happy break from usual routines.

Mom and dad went back yesterday.Now, it is time for me to go back to the day time routine I created for myself at the start of the month. So back to house work, studies and blogging, not particularly in that order though.


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