Here and now amid the green

I got a chance to fulfill my nature lover’s pang and enjoy the company of my family by taking a trip to Sanjay Gandhi National Park here in Mumbai.For nature lovers like me any chance to be in the lap of nature surrounded by green is a treat. Be it a small garden or a forest, the beauty of being surrounded by nature is truly exquisite. It was much, much better than expected.  I knew it was a National Park and all, but I did not expect that much because the picture Mumbai paints is a concrete jungle and not of a place having a thriving forest.We got to drive through the forest right up to the Kanheri Caves.

As luck would have it the theme for Daily post said “here and now” and what better way to express my thoughts on it than to tell about the time we spent there.


I have seen forests and been to a national park before but this trip was special. It was our (me, hubby and my parents) first trip together to any place. I got to be in a place I love with the people I love the most. Needless to say we enjoyed our time. It has been a while since I got to go anywhere with my parents. We were really looking forward to spending time together and this being the first trip that hubby gets to have with the three of us , we wanted to make it as special as it could be. I chose this park as it a place where none of us  have been to before. Turned out dad had visited there while he was in school but he completely forgot that it was the same place till we reached the caves.

I loved everything about that day even though it did not start out as planned. The weather turned from sunny to non-stop rain by the time we reached there. I thought we will not be able to do anything. The caves were at the other end of the road and it was still raining when we got there.

We just did some improv,  instead of a picnic out in the open we had one in the car. We played songs on the radio, watched the rain come down all around us, the monkeys (the place has a lot of them) did all the crazy things they do and provided entertainment and we enjoyed each others company. If it weren’t for the rain we might not have had such a good time together.

The rain stopped sometime after an hour and we got to see the caves. Next stop was the safari. It was not actually a true safari,seeing that they keep a few tigers and lion in cages as well so the people get to see something no matter what. That’s just what they call it because there are tigers that roam freely other than the ones in the cages. They take us in a bus to the part of the park where the tigers roam freely. Seeing the queue for the safari ride was shocking but even my dad who has no patience usually for such stuff waited with us till we got our turn and then went on a safari ride to see the lions and tigers. Luck was with us because one of the free tigers was also there to see besides the ones in the cages.

It was a better trip than I ever thought it would be.Even though the initial plans were washed away by the rain the changes we made on the spot made it better. We got to spent time together which is we what we wanted in the first place. The trip is a memory we all will cherish forever.

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