A Look At History

I got to see the rock-cut monuments at Kanheri Caves here in Mumbai. It was amazing to see that they build these huge structures all out stone all those years ago. We only visited five of the 109 caves.Rains stopped us from exploring the rest of the caves.img_20160913_141251_hdr

The caves are on top of the hill and the view is amazing from there. They are cut out of the stones of the hill itself. The structures show the influence of Buddhism and have prayer halls, prayer wheels, stupas and carvings of Buddha.

The caves are located in the National Park I mentioned in one of the previous posts. I did not say anything about the caves in the previous post,hence this one. They were another surprise for me that day. When I heard caves I just expected “caves” as in hollowed out spaces with a  few paintings may be, like those I saw in Bhimbetka .The structures here are detailed and the work on it is intricate. I did not read or do any background check before going there apart from timings and how to get there. Our main intention was just to go for an outing, so it did not occur to me to read before going . They do have a board at the entrance about the caves and its history but we wanted to get out of the rain so gave it only a glance.Only after climbing up the stairs did I realise how different the place was from what I expected. Since the phones don’t have signal out there I couldn’t check on the internet after reaching either.

We hear about the new skyscrapers going up and everyone makes such a  fuss about it. Our ancestors weren’t that bad either, may be even better than us. They build all these without the help all of our modern machinery! I have to say that these ancient structures have mort art in them than all the steel and glass of our new buildings. Hundred years from now wouldn’t we rather have buildings that are art than just steel blocks?

 I intend to go back some time after the rains stop and explore it fully.I couldn’t use the new camera either due to the rain but I did take some photos with my mobile.



Click here if you want to know more about the place.



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