Breaking Free

Girls are to stay inside,

Cooking, cleaning and looking after,

The only purpose for their lives,

So said the village minds.
She abandoned them,

The people, the outdated minds,

She had a passion,

To dance and be on a stage.
She had a dream,

To be someone,

To be recognised ,

Not to live an invisible life .
She packed her bags,

Went out the door,

Not giving a second glance,

The village was not hers anymore.
Breaking tradition, breaking free,

Her spirit lifted with every step,

She was finally in pursuit of a dream,

To live as her, to finally be herself.


I believed that people have changed from old ways of thinking and that were only present in really isolated villages. I did not know that I was born with the privilege of being around people who did not have outdated thinking.When I moved to the little town for my job I realised that there are many more out there who have not changed, not even a bit. I overheard a conversation between some people in my office. They were talking about their daughters saying that there is not much purpose to giving them education beyond a basic degree or them finding jobs because after all they only have to get married then serve the household and take care of kids.How many dreams must have got squashed because of such thinking?! We say we have developed and advanced but have we really done that if there are people out there who still think the same way! I thank God that I got parents who never stopped me from going after things I wanted. I hope people will change so girls are not denied a chance to live a life they want, something so many of us take for granted.


Daily Prompt – Passionate

10 thoughts on “Breaking Free

  1. I so much agree on this. some of us are born with the opportunity but there is still a part of India where girls aren’t as lucky as to have a simple stand in their own lives. There is a sub-world in this world where girls are still struggling to get out of ‘ghoonghats’.

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    1. Yes. Being among those people was an eye opener. But the thing is, it’s not just the villages where such thought exists. I have a friend whose family is pretty well off and live a modern lifestyle in every other manner. She was really good in studies but she got married early beacuse that is tradition in their community and the household does not allow girls to work so she left all her plans.

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