The rise is steep and precarious. It takes every ounce of energy from you to climb. What do you get in return at first? Cuts and blisters. Don’t mind them. You will soon forget them.It rises up before you, as far as the eye can see.At times it plateaus and at others it gets vertical. At times there is only a single rock to hold on to. You grab it with faith. Faith guarantees it won’t come off. It will hold your weight. Pull yourself up to the next step. Keep climbing, higher and higher. Stop in between take a look around. Don’t miss the view by just thinking about the climb. It’s been years of climbing or may be days. The air is finally pure, breathing is easy. Burdens have decreased. There is a lightness in your heart. You are used to the climb and you know how to tackle new obstacles. Somewhere along the way you pick up a companion. Someone to climb with you. Together you keep going. Taking step after step. Till you finally reach there. Your destination. The view is brilliant. Your whole life laid before you, the climb you took to get there. The stops you took are the wonderful memories. The climbing you did is the effort you made. You lived a life. You did what you could. Now look back and enjoy the view.Life is a climb but the view is great.


Daily Prompt – Hike

P.S. I know it is a Hannah Montana Song but for some reason I really like that quote. .

Photographer unknown.Obtained from Google images.

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