Bird Story # 1 – The Rock Pigeons

I had shared that all the birds living in my apartment block have stories that go with them and I did not say much about what I have observed about each species. It’s time for the first one.

I start with the Rock pigeons only because that is the first one that visited me today. There is a whole flock here and much like the pigeons I have seen elsewhere the first thing on their  routine on most days,and the last thing on the routine,is to fly around in circles as a group. I have read that rock pigeons everywhere do that. So that means the ones here are normal and not freaks.

The main contact I have with their “community” is with this guy or gal, don’t know which it is.


Ever since I moved in,this one would come sit on that pipe outside my kitchen window and peer in and he does say hello while looking in. At Least that’s what I hope he is saying.There is no way to get in because of the wire mesh, as you can see. He only comes for a little while and  I see him on most days so he probably does it everyday.

The group only take bath when they get a good supply of water.Good as in the amount and not the quality of water. Right now the rains fall every other day and water collects on rooftops, etc. From my vantage point one such “bird bath” is the roof of the room where they keep the generator. I took these photos the other day.


The water is definitely not clean by human standards but seems to work for them.The guys are always after the gals, dancing away,even in the water.

The next step after a bath is to dry off and sun bathe. What better place to do that than on the lawn! The lawn here is fenced off so no one disturbs them.



The take their own sweet time. First one wing then the other, then lift wings to get the spot beneath. I raised a wood-pigeon years back so I know they all do that. I have heard that birds need the sun or they start getting weak and disoriented.

Pigeon Sunbathing 101

That’s all the information from my observation. When you see things daily the whole picture about their characters start forming. I do have to say that the most striking and the most creepy feature about rock pigeons are their eyes. It’s red and they always look like they are trying to hypnotize someone.


That’s one species down. The others will soon follow. Hope you liked reading it.


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