All heads were bent,gaming-is-on-but-on-mobiles

All minds were lost,

In a world of their own,

In an electronic universe.
They talked through fingers,

But forgot their neighbours,

Laughter, sadness,love and anger,

Emotions spread all around.


Yet not a trace of it perceivable,the-story-of-electronics_178x140

Only a silence was recognizable ,

A room full of people-Chatting, poking and liking,

Connections were made but real world forgotten.


When did we become so lost?

When did we become slaves?

Instruments made to connect,

Which instead drives us apart.


Saw a group of teenagers sitting lost in their mobiles with no interest in actual games, just online ones. Then realized I was doing the same thing most of the time. We get so lost that we forget to talk among ourselves. Like it says in the picture, that’s the sad reality.



Daily prompt Silence

All images obtained from Google

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