A simple dress,loose fit, sensible shoes,

A mother’s style to take care of chores.

Six inch heels and figure hugging dresses,

A party girl dressed for a night out.

Different points of a spectrum,

Stylish all the same.


Stylish the literal meaning is given as  fashionably elegant or to have good sense of style.

Ha! Which year was that written in?! Today to be called stylish you follow the current trend,as absurd as it may be. I have been repeatedly asked why my hairstyle doesn’t change, why I wear simple shoes. I have been told repeatedly its old-fashioned and hence not stylish. Sky high heels that break your ankle, hair shaved off on one side only, skin tight dresses ; I guess it is for those who are comfortable with all that. But does that mean walking around without much makeup or wearing just jeans and a comfortable T-shirt most of the time makes you not stylish? No.  Style is not defined by trend. Like its meaning style means to be elegant. You can be that with whatever clothes you have.  Dress the way the occasion calls for. May it be of this decade’s fashion or the last. Jeans can be elegant too you know. It’s all about how you wear it. Dress the way you love. Dress the way which makes you happy. Dress the way which makes you, YOU. There is no need to follow trends if you don’t want to.If you do something, do it for you. Not for others. You are stylish in your own style.


Daily Prompt – Stylish

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