People Vs. Land

The land lay parched,e2448ade8f2ea3c211aac402ef4fcc2f

The river had dried up,

Trees withered and died,

People had an air of sorrow.

They turned the land into a city,

Didn’t pay heed to elders words,

Millennia of lessons lay forgotten,

Overtaken by greed and blindness.

They forgot the land and what she gave,

The land that was one generous,

Was stripped her of heart and soul,

When hunger became unbearable,

When life became intolerable,

Memory did return about the land;

That it was she, who helped them survive

and not the other way around.


That quote/prophecy showed up in my FB page at the correct time inspiring me to write this piece.

The Daily Prompt – Generous 

Image obtained from Google.

10 thoughts on “People Vs. Land

      1. Just today I almost had a good with my neighbor. She was hell bent on cutting the tree outside my house. I then told the tree cutters if they even touch the tree I’ll have their hides and let my dogs lose on them. That scared then enough to scoot from there. Sometimes you have to be a bully to do something good. No regrets.

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