A short post to thank everyone and to share some milestones achieved by me and my blog. I started this blog in August. The response from all of you in such a short time is tremendously awesome!! Thanks to everybody for the support . Your likes, comments and follows make my day.

Yesterday was a day of milestones and crossing self-created targets.

Final Count – 104
Current Tally – 52

I crossed the 100 mark for the number of followers sometime last week.Yesterday I got the highest “most views in a day” ever.


I had a target to get at least 50 posts done and 1000 views by the end of the month. I always have targets because it’s something to look forward to and I like the challenge. I crossed both those targets.

I am so happy right now. Next month I won’t be able to share much photos because I will be back in the little town and I have decided not to take the Nikon. My laptop’s hard-disk crashed months back and I have not repaired it, seeing I had hubby’s laptop at my disposal till now. So now I won’t have that either. My old trusty Canon and mobile will still be there to capture anything interesting that crosses my path.I will just have to wait till I get to my parents place every other weekend to upload those photos.

Another issue is the unreliable internet connection I have over there on my mobile.So, if I don’t respond to your comments or read your posts please don’t feel bad. I will get around to it when the internet starts working again.

 Thanks again for your support. I really appreciate it.



6 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Aw, I will miss your pictures! 🙂 In lieu of a hard drive crash, I urge you to check out Onedrive as well as Dropbox. They are both cloud services that give you a certain amount of storage for free at this point. I use them both and store everything that I REALLY don’t want to lose there. You can access them from any computer at any time, kind of like going to a web page, except it’s yours and it’s private.

    Good luck in your travels! Be blessed!

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    1. It’s just a little while. Then I will be back with more photos. 🙂
      Don’t we need a internet connection with good speed for cloud storage though? All I use is internet mobile over there that too an unreliable one.
      I will try to take with Canon and post when I go to my parents place.

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