Through The Haze

Reposting a short story, after making some changes, as a response to today’s prompt. I wrote this initially for my old blog.It is the first short story I ever wrote and for that reason it is very dear to me.

There seems to be  an odd shine to everything around me, but at the same time it feels like  being in the middle of a fog. The forest had an ethereal quality to it. The forest! I have no recollection of how I got here or what I’m doing here.

I remember closing my eyes. Was that yesterday or a minute before? Now I seem to  be standing in some sort of clearing. Surrounded by tall trees that cast weird shadows onto a leaf covered floor.  There is a soft light falling on everything which seems to make it more beautiful yet it still leaves behind a feeling in you that you shouldn’t believe what you see.There is definitely something odd about this place though it’s hard to put my finger on it. The haze that surrounds me seems to be effecting  my mind too! It sounds stupid but  the only way forward is to accept that there is something weird about it. The source of the light evades me. There is no sun, or at least none that I can see. It’s not even possible to decide on the time of the day.

Everything is too still and silent. Through all this time, as I stood there watching my surroundings, not even a leaf has moved from it’s place, there are no scattering or rustling sounds that is associated with forests. All that’s there, is a profound silence. No sooner had this thought entered my mind and a wind starts to blow. Not a light summer breeze but strong gusts like a storm is about to start.

One minute all these thoughts are running through me and next I’m scared. I get this feeling in my gut, a deep panic, and the thought that sticks out is to run. Run hard and fast and get away from there. But why? why am I here and what am I running from? The haze makes it hard to think properly. All of a sudden there’s a movement in the trees behind me. Something is coming. I don’t know how but I know its going to harm me. I run into the forest where everything is darker and try my best to keep a good pace without tripping on the vines or slipping on the damp patches.

It feels like I’ve been running for a long time but the trees all look the same. I fear that I’m just running in circles! Whatever is behind me seems to be gaining on me. I speed up again.  There seems to an opening up ahead and run towards it taking my chances rather than scampering around the forest.

I’m almost at the end of the treeline when a shrill ringing starts. It is all round me. There is no source, no tune just a continuous ringing that makes my head rattle. And suddenly its the end of the treeline but what I thought to be a clearing turns out to be a wide chasm. There is no way to stop before I hit the edge. And I start falling. I try, desperately, to cling on to something, anything that will save me from rocks that I can see below but there is nothing. I keep falling. My ears are still full with ringing that seems to have gained volume and my eyes are filled with the view of the rocks below.  The rocks seem to be rushing up at me and…

I open my eyes. The soft light from the rising sun fills my room I’m back in bed with the alarm still ringing next to me. The first thought of the day  : “No more late night horror flicks!” .


Daily Prompt – Panic


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