Despite Everything

People are not just what meets the eye. The worst man on Earth may still have some good in his heart. May be he only shows it to one single person or no one ever sees it, ever. May be it is a wrong assumption. May be there are people with no goodness at all. But we assume anyway. If we don’t believe that everyone has a chance to have a sliver of goodness in them then what is the point of believing in humanity.Atleast pretend that there is a goodness so that we don’t lose hope, so that we ourselves can have goodness and not have it corrupted.

Everyday we are shown images and stories that shows death of humanity, disregard for other human lives.Don’t just believe all you see on any media or we would end up loosing all hope. In between all those stories of sorrow, there are some stories that shine like a ray of light in a dark tunnel.Stories that reaffirm our faith in humanity and that despite everything it is still alive and strong.Hold on to that hope and build on that. Creating a world where we don’t fight each other requires a united effort and faith,most of all, faith. Faith that such a world can be created.

If a thirteen year old in hiding can have hope of goodness in people then we surely can, can’t we?

This is my favourite quote. I did not use it for the challenge as I wanted to write a separate post for it from the start. Hope you too like it as much as I do.


Daily prompt – Pretend.

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