A couple of days

Hello all,

It is time for me to go back to the small town. I leave on friday from Mumbai and will stay at my parent’s place for the weekend.Back to being a hard working employee from Monday. There is a lot of stuff that needs to be taken care of before I go.That means I may not be able to read your posts and comments or write posts myself for a couple of days.I will try to pop in when I get time but if I don’t then please don’t feel bad.  I will get back to blogging, replying and reading once I reach there.

I have to say goodbye for a while to the birds and my camera but the saddest part is I wont be able to see my husband till the end of November. There is always video chat but that doesn’t help much does it. All this for a job!!

Before I go, I have to thank some people.

I have received nominations for awards from the awesome bloggers of the following blogs. Since I have already done posts for the awards I won’t be doing another one but I am really happy that they thought my blog worthy and nominated me. A big thank you to all of you.


Treasure and Bliss

A Mile In My Shoes

See you all in a couple of days.



14 thoughts on “A couple of days

        1. Oh it’s complicated alright! I live like a nomad. 😉 One month here, one month there. One month I have family around me but no job, the next one I would have my job but will have to live alone.Dealing with it the best way I can. Enjoying every moment that I get.No other way.


          1. You have courage and strength. It would be impossible to deal otherwise. You also have an understanding husband. Not an easy thing in the easiest of situations, but the support is monumental. Your a delight. Love your writing. Truthful and honest and shows incredible fortitude and strength. 🙂

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            1. I don’t know about levels of my courage and strength but a understanding husband is 100% true. He is the one who doesn’t allow me to quit this job and helps me carry on somehow.
              I am really glad to have connected with such great people like you.It helps to write about life and to talk to people about it. Reading other’s posts about their life and their ways of dealing with life also helps in dealing with my own issues. Thank you for your kind words.I really appreciate it.


              1. You do the same for all of us who read about your struggles, and we wonder at your strength and ability to cope in such a trying situation. It really makes us take a deeper look at ourselves too. So your sharing has more meaning that you realize.

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for following me. I was encouraged to follow you because of your domain name. What it said to me was “never give up”. I’m not exactly sure why you discontinued the first blog other than you didn’t want to box yourself into sticking to one focal point but the fact that your back at a second time with much success, tells me that I should stick to making my goals a reality. I nominate you for the 3 days 3 quotes challenge. For more details, you can visit my site here https://wordpress.com/post/oaktownvibes.wordpress.com/691 . Peace and love to you, I hope that you will accept this challenge. Thank you in advance.

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