First Leg Of Journey Completed

The last two days mostly involved travelling and ticking things off a to-do list. Thursday was spent travelling from one spot to another in Mumbai taking care of stuff we had to do. We as in me and hubby. I got to go to the part of Mumbai that I love the most. Fort Mumbai, which has all the old buildings and it’s so beautiful to walk those roads. That day also reaffirmed that fate can turn in unexpected ways. I can’t go into details but we had some work that needed to be done in a Government Office. We did not expect any help from anyone but an officer took out time to help us even though it was not his duty and the work which we did not expect to be finished till later was done that day itself. I wish there were more people who helped others without expecting anything in return like him.wp-1475244495666.jpeg

Today was the day for the first leg of my journey. The flight was delayed by an hour and fifteen minutes. I was already in a bad mood what with having to say goodbye and everything, then there was the delay. On top of all of that a lady decided to ruin my mood further. There was a lot of rush today. The security screening gates, all 15 of them, where just lines of people and more people.

 People usually queue up in front of the security check gate and wait their turn, right? It was so in every gate except the one I walked towards. What I saw was a gate with a queue leading to it ,next to the baggage screening belt for that gate, so I went towards it and kept my bag. Then a lady commented ‘Nerve of some people! How can they cut the line”. I looked around an realized she was talking about me. Apparently, these ladies did not want their bags to go trough screening before their turn for security check came and had created another line  which was away from the actual queue at the security gate; Which meant I had to stand at the end of that line. The part I joined was the middle of the queue. It just looked like the end because these ladies where standing a good distance away. All they had to do was tell that it was so and I would have gone and stood at the end of their “queue”.It was an honest mistake. My mind was somewhere else and having slept only three hours last night I wasn’t in the sharpest state either. Anybody would go stand at the queue at the security gate and not realise that they were a continuation of the same when they were standing away from the actual queue in the first place. I never cut queues and hate people who do that. Thanks to her, my mood got ruined further. I gave no explanation, didn’t think she deserved one,  just took my bag and went to the back. Thankfully as a measure of crowd control the security personnel opened up the ‘staff and crew line’ for regular travelers and asked people at the end of the lines, which included me, to form a new line there. I got to go through the security check before the mean lady and her supporters got their turn. So Ha!!! To them.

After the long wait at the boarding gate I boarded the plane only to have an annoying old man sit in the seat behind mind. He kept shaking my seat all through the flight. I did not say anything because it looked like he had to keep moving or adjusting or something due to his age and was using my seat back as a support. Today was a trying day but not completely bad seeing that I get to be home with mom and dad and enjoy mom’s cooking.

Second leg of journey is scheduled for Sunday night at 10.30 Pm when I have to board the bus. I will reach the little town around 7 AM on monday. It will take a couple of days to get used to the changed routines but I love work so the days will hopefully fly by.

Got posts lined up to be read. I will get around to it tomorrow. Mom has made Kheer (sweet dish), time to have that,watch Tv and relax.

Have a great weekend everyone.


P.S. As luck would have it today’s Daily Prompt is Test and today was a test of patience for me so this goes as a Prompt response too.

Image obtained from Facebook

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