Cleaning brings out the weird stuff

Hello all, I do hope the internet gods have been kinder to you than they have been to me. I have been stuck with an internet connection the sole purpose of which is to test my patience. It's festival season. Dusshera got over and now it's Diwali. As is tradition, everyone has been cleaning their… Continue reading Cleaning brings out the weird stuff

Mantis Visit

A camera loving mantis paid me a visit a few days back. Calling him "Camera loving" might me an understatement. This guy loved the camera so much that it kept jumping on top of it. He kept running up my arm to get near the camera. Apparently mantises like to pose for the camera just like… Continue reading Mantis Visit

Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge # Day 1

I loved this challenge the first time around so I am taking it up again. Thanks to Nezel Yurong @ Purposive Writer and Oaktown Vibes for the nominations. My nominees for today: Martian Poet Zenyswords EDM Muse   Rules of the challenge: 1.Three quote for three days. 2.Three nominees each day(no repetition). 3.Thank the person who nominated you.… Continue reading Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge # Day 1