Handicraft and Miniatures

I needed to buy a new pair of shoes. We ended up going to a Handicraft Exhibition as well. As usual, me and mom made a pact that we will look and not buy anything before entering but ended up buying anyway. They had furniture made from both wood and terracotta, dresses, shoes of different styles, various other handicraft stuff.

My favorite find in the whole exhibition was this miniature bike. It’s made from springs, bolts, ball bearings,etc. It looks so cool. I like miniatures and I have seen some like these in shops but they cost double of what I paid today. I love bikes and so does hubby. That is why the first thing we bought as our own is a 300 CC Enfield Bullet. Now we have a miniature bike too. Hats off to whoever created it.


Found these earrings as well.

I wanted to buy a couple of key chains that had beautiful glass beads and decoration on it but there was no one at the counter and we were running late so couldn’t buy those.

Mom’s Purchase

Mom both this terracotta stand and bowl. Now have to find a good place for it in the flat.

I’ve always liked Handicraft exhibitions because they always have such unusual but beautiful things and usually at prices lower than shops that sell the same. The shoes are not that durable but they cost only a fraction of what they cost in the store. As long as you take care of them they should last a year or so. It’s good that such exhibitions give exposure to people who carry on art and craft in this day when everything is becoming mechanized and mass-produced with no uniqueness. It just needs more participation from people. May be people are going and I just went at a time when the crowds were less. We need to keep such crafts alive.



Took another round at the exhibition today. My uncle liked the miniature bike and asked to get one for him. Got some jewelry for my Sister in Law as well. I got those bead and glass work key-chains that I wanted along with a bead and glass work diary and pen set.



Today’s Purchase

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