The tamarind tree

The child looked at the tree with awe,

As she stood with her head held high.

The leaves shimmering green,

The branches spread out all around,

Like her arms spread out for a hug.

The tamarind branches are the strongest they said,

She listened proudly at praise of her own strength.

Birds, squirrels and animals of all sorts

called the tamarind tree their home.

She welcomed them with her whole heart,

Sharing everything she had.

She gave them sweet and sour tamarinds,

And let them put swings on branches.

The child came to love the tree and its shade,

And the afternoons spent on the swing.

Years passed, the child grew,

The tamarind still stands tall and proud.

The child, now a women, still holds memories close,

Of the tamarind tree in the yard

 and afternoons spent in its shade.


The daily prompt – Tree

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