Close Encounters

Do you believe in UFOs, aliens, unexplained lights, etc? Would you start believing if you saw what I did?

I believe there is a huge possibility that other worlds like ours exist but I am skeptical about alien visits and such.

Now the unexplained lights part is a whole other thing. I have witnessed unexplainable lights two times now.

First time I saw lights where last year. It was evening and I was in the terrace of my apartment in the small town. There were four lights in the sky. Yellowish in colour, a little bigger than stars. They were high up in the sky, about the height where aeroplanes fly if I had to guess. Further away from where I was standing, towards West of the sky. They were in a rough square or Rhombus formation from my point of view. As I watched the lights flew in at a high speed to what looked liked the center point of the Rhombus and disappeared. Nothing was visible after that. Like i said it was evening, just after sunset so there was still light outside. There were no objects in the air just those lights and then nothing. I tried to find a logical explanation. Fireworks? Can’t be that. Fireworks won’t hang in the air then converge to a center point at high speed. Cant be floating lanterns either for the same reason.Helicopters or planes would have been visible. What could it be then? I have no clue.Hence the name unexplainable lights.

The second time I saw lights was last week. Thankfully I wasn’t the only one who saw it this time, a friend of mine was with me. This time there were only two lights. It was after dark and we were sitting in the balcony at my parents place. We noticed what we thought were stars. Two of them, pretty much side by side. Now that I think back, they did not blink. They looked like how Venus looks in the sky but brighter. As we watched, the lights disappeared as if someone turned off a switch. One second they were there then poof! Nothing!!  Again, it can’t be lanterns because they did not move or flicker at all. The way they turned off was more like a light turning off than a flame. It was not as high as the other lights. No sound of any aeroplanes were heard. Besides, it was too low to be an aeroplane.

In both the cases the lights were stationary and looked more like electric lights than something with a flame.Both sightings happened on days with near clear sky. There were no clouds obstructing my view of them at any time. Both disappeared abruptly and I have no logical explanation for both. I have no photographs to prove what I saw.The first one happened too quickly. I might have been able to take a photo of the second one but I thought they were stars and dint think of taking a photo until it disappeared.

You can choose to believe me or ignore this, but I saw what I saw and there is no logical explanation that I can think of to those lights. If you have any, then do share them.


11 thoughts on “Close Encounters

  1. Strangely enough I did see something odd a few weeks ago. I was at an outdoor Shakespeare play. I looked to the right and did see what appeared flames shooting through the sky. My friend saw before it fizzled out, and I know a few others saw too. I figured it might be on the News or even Facebook, but I didn’t see anything. We wondered if it was a shooting star. A neat site to say the least.

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    1. The first can’t be a drone. Definite about that. In the second case, the height seems right for a drone but the way the lights were placed would be odd for a drone. Besides they did not move at all. Is that possible for a drone?

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      1. The drone I saw did hover, but you could tell it was turned on–it was close enough to hear. To be honest I thought it was a bit rude the controller dipped into our space so to speak. We need drone etiquette! Anyways, it’s neat when we sight the explainable. Fun to rationalize what we might have seen.

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  2. Actually re-reading your post… I did have 1 unexplained experienced more than a decade ago… it was around lunch time and suddenly it became so dark for only approx 2 seconds and a quick loud noise as if there’s a ship or a plane over our roof. It was so quick that even the people outside cannot explain what was that! since then it was a mystery to me that people just ignored but I cannot forget.

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