Cleaning brings out the weird stuff

Hello all, I do hope the internet gods have been kinder to you than they have been to me. I have been stuck with an internet connection the sole purpose of which is to test my patience.

It’s festival season. Dusshera got over and now it’s Diwali. As is tradition, everyone has been cleaning their houses from top to bottom. Every year cleaning brings out the weird stuff and everyday stuff people buy that eventually gets thrown out. Those spur of the moment shopping decisions leave you with an assortment of odd stuff. I do it too. In my case it’s usually dresses.

The apartment owner has left some of the stuff in the terrace and one of it gave me quite a fright the other day.

Imagine walking up a flight of narrow stairs with nothing but your mobile torch’s light to find this staring at you! I went up to the terrace yesterday to see the Diwali decorations and this is what I found among other abandoned stuff. I went up again today just to take the photograph. You don’t find such things everyday now, do you? 

Those horns look like they are real ones and are mounted on a wooden head. Buffaloes are a big thing for the tribal folk here in the small town. So art work like these are not rare. They even use the horns as part of their head-dress. Google Bastar, Chattisgarh to know more.

I haven’t followed tradition exactly so my house is still a mess. Since the only things I have here to call my own are my dresses and the utensils in the kitchen I can say that I have nothing that needs to be thrown out.

Actually thats not true.I just realised while typing the previous sentence that I do have stuff that I should have thrown out months back. An old bag and an old pair of shoes. I love those shoes but they have become sort of streched out and keep slipping off my feet when I walk. It’s not been worn for atleast a year now. Well, it’s just shoes, nothing weird.

Found this last year in the terrace.

Do you find weird things that you bought that eventually gets thrown out? 


2 thoughts on “Cleaning brings out the weird stuff

  1. Nice post. I’ve been a packrat my entire life. I make excuses like, ‘You never know when I’ll need it.” But it’s not my fault. Some time after my parents’ fiftieth anniversary, my father decided to clean out the attic. He found the box to a toaster they’d received as a wedding gift. The toaster may have been tossed, or was still buried under other things.

    Thanks for stopping by JonahzSong; glad you liked Bridge over Troubled Waters.

    Lord Bless, Keep, Shine upon you.

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