It Runs In The Family

I have a craze for photography and apparently so did my grandfather. He passed away when I was 12. I have never seen my grandfather take a photo, neither have I seen him stand for one except when forced to take a photo. My father and uncle too did not know much about my grandfather’s photography skills.

We all knew he was talented and intelligent. He was something of a math genius .What i remember about him are that he loved to read, always kept a diary, he could turn twigs and branches into wooden animals but never did it occur to me that he was once interested in photography. That is bit stupid seeing that his old cameras were something i always liked looking at as a kid. My uncle discovered an old album of his in his trunk and there they were.The photographs he took, which i must admit are far better than anything i have taken. He really had a talent for it.

The Old Cameras

Here are some of his photos.

I have been busy with my own photography as well. Will share those over the next week. 

Have a great weekend.


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