Luck or Double the luck?

Just when you think nothing can make you crack a smile, life gives you something silly to smile at.

I had an absolutely shitty day!

Waded through work load that was neck high, holding on to coffee for dear life.

Then I hit the gym only to realise that I am too tired and that too on a leg day!

Came back home hoping to cuddle in with hubby but ended up having a row about something stupid and I bawled like a baby.

I considered ordering in food but I did tell hubby there would be chicken dinner ,so there I was, cursing fate for having to cook( which had to be done as it was more to prove a point in the above mentioned row than actual interest in keeping my word). But Sshhh! That’s a secret.

I personally did not feel like having chicken, so eggs it was! And what do you know!! There it was, the something that made me crack a smile.

Got a double yolk!!!

First one in my life. Always saw these posts about people getting double yolks, egg inside eggs ,etc and wondered how on earth I haven’t seen one in real life. Apparently, life was holding out to serve me this on a day like today to make it seem less shitty.

Some say its lucky to find them. Personally, I think the only luck here is I got two of them. But who knows, may be tomorrow I’ll find a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end.

Oh well, I cracked a smile. Off to bed with dreams for a better day. Hope you all out there had/ are having a better one.

Edit 26/09/18 : My luck still continues. I got two more of these in the same batch of eggs! Three more left to be cracked.

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