Luck or Double the luck?

Just when you think nothing can make you crack a smile, life gives you something silly to smile at. I had an absolutely shitty day! Waded through work load that was neck high, holding on to coffee for dear life. Then I hit the gym only to realise that I am too tired and that… Continue reading Luck or Double the luck?

Staging A Comeback

It's been over a year since I wrote anything. Probably lost the few people who were reading my page. Wouldn't blame them since I did disappear. Getting back to writing has been on my mind lately. Hence, the attempt at reviving the thinking cells. The gears have been oiled and hopes are high that they… Continue reading Staging A Comeback

Memory of Fate by Sunita Menon

The Machinery - A literary collection.

Illustration by Aditi Mittal Illustration by Aditi Mittal

For context, you may want to read about the incident here. ( Warning-Graphic Content.)

He hated waiting at the bus stop. It was Christmas eve, something which he was being constantly reminded of by all the shops around him with their decorations of baubles and wreaths, some had even put up wishes for New year 2023. He should be home with her, not sitting on this hard metal seat waiting for a bus to show up. He looked over and saw that a new Ang Lee movie was playing in the theatres. The poster said ‘From the Director of Life of Pi‘. The memory of that night and feeling of dread came rushing to his mind. The bus stop, that movie and that night.

A movie reel started rolling in his mind. He remembered them walking out into the crisp night air after the movie…

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