Red bricks and inlaid glass, The pride of his master, That was what it was once, a  magnificent manor. All that was gone, Washed away by time, It stood, fighting the elements, Even though the grandeur was gone. It stood waiting , daring time to try its best, A wait for a new master, To… Continue reading Waiting


They started out together, Hand in hand they passed, Through times both easy and rough.   They had set out to build, Something strong,out of nothing, Which would stand the test of time.   Hurdles were crossed, Rough patches were mend, 'Together' that is the message they sent.   Eternity is what they wished for, 'Together… Continue reading Unfinished


All heads were bent, All minds were lost, In a world of their own, In an electronic universe. They talked through fingers, But forgot their neighbours, Laughter, sadness,love and anger, Emotions spread all around.   Yet not a trace of it perceivable, Only a silence was recognizable , A room full of people-Chatting, poking and liking, Connections were made but… Continue reading Lost