Black & White Photo Challenge #1

Third post for the day! If you have seen my previous posts then you know that I like photography. I found this challenge through a fellow blogger’s post and decided to become a part of it. So here is my entry for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge . This week’s topic is Isolated Objects.


I saw this abandoned building on the side of the road while going to Ubharat beach in Gujarat, India. It looks like a place that is sure to have a story behind it or at least one that can inspire someone to write a story on it. I think buildings, some not all, have character just like people. Some buildings can make you feel things. This one looks to me like it is still waiting for someone, all alone and forlorn but refusing to give up and crumble away completely.




9 thoughts on “Black & White Photo Challenge #1

  1. I wish I could photograph as well as you do. There is a house near us that looks completely abandoned but people still live in it. It must have been lovely once but now you can’t see it for buddlia bushes.
    I agree about buildings having characters.

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